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Debra Lund

Plainview, NY

Anthony selected a perfect trainer for me. Jonah did an amazing job preparing me for my 1st Spartan race physically and psychologically in a very short period of time. Because Jonah had done the race last year he was able to train me for all the challenging obstacles. Without even going for time, I finished in the top 23% of my age group. Without Jonah there's no way that I could have accomplished that. Thank you for everything Jonah and Anthony. On to the next race and top 10% next year!

Marjorie O’Connor

Anthony's energy and classes are incredible!

Howard Zwang

Glen Cove, NY

I have known Anthony for many years. He is an expert trainer and motivator. If you have the oppty you should train with him.

Debbie Sutton

Old Westbury, NY

I'm 47 years old and I'm in the best physical condition, thanks to Ultimate Performance Fitness. I was first introduced to UPF when I was taking one of their boot camp classes. I was so impressed with the level of intensity and dedication that was given, I pursued one on one training,  with one of their experienced trainers. This enabled me to customize my workout to my specific needs. Since training with UPF my upper body strength, agility and overall athleticism has improved immensely. I am a tennis player and I notice a drastic improvement on the court. My strength and quickness, has increased my level of play.

UPF's diverse workouts are always challenging and never boring. .Their care and concern for your well being is always number one. Thanks to Ultimate Performance Fitness, I can now maintain an overall healthy, mental and physical lifestyle!

Tina Floratos

Plainview, NY

I loved your Bridal Boot Camp Program!! Thank you so much for making my wedding day extra special!

Janet Palmer

Roosevelt Island

I am very thankful to you all for helping me to feel good on my wedding day.  Having moved to Texas I have continued to go to the gym.  Although, I have not met a trainer that I like as much I did with UPF, we had great times, and there isn't a time that I go to the gym now, that I don't smile as I remember some of the workouts he and I had.
If you guys decide to open up in Houston please tell me.  I have not come to NY recently but when I do I will be in touch.  Keep up the fantastic job.  I am very glad we connected because it was life changing.  

Ed Kalikow

Old Westbury, NY

I am very satisfied with the services of UPF- The trainers are extremely qualified and knowledgeable. With their continued variations, exercising with them is never boring. Their advise on nutrition and work outs provides a well rounded program. 

Linda Gorney

Long Beach, NY

I started training with Ultimate Performance & Fitness Inc. in 2007. I have always been an active person, but was feeling unmotivated on my own and realized I wasn't pushing myself anymore. UPF workouts are NEVER EVER boring.

UPF is really amazing - they are motivating, challenging, encouraging, & FUN. You will feel positive results, mentally and physically. 

Since I've started training with UPF, I've experienced more energy, less stress, a better beach volleyball game, a killer racquetball game, longer hikes, easier bike rides, a cuter butt in jeans, a desire to eat healthier, and more confidence.  Everyone on the UPF staff has a gift - they all care and they want you to succeed.  Basically, my life is better since I've started working out with these talented people.

Sandy Sarcona Staff at C. W. Post Campus of Long Island University

UPF provides cutting edge fitness that is tailored directly to individual's needs.  The trainers are highly qualified, personalbe and extremely knowledgeable.  In a group fitness class the workout is never boring.  Routines are always challenging and even creative with some great music to keep you going. UPF has up-to-date information on fitness to share and has a million ways of puttting it into practice.

Donna Brown

Glen Cove, NY

Ultimate Performance and Fitness are my trainers of choice.  Not only do they bring the gym to me, they bring it with high energy and professional expertise every workout session.  Because of certain physical limitations, I am not able to do some exercises.  Not a problem for UPF.  Its trainers immediately know how to modify or to change an exercise to get the desired result without injury—total focus on my fitness and my performance.  They truly are the ULTIMATE!    

Kristin Sloven

About a year and a half ago I used UPF personal training.  I had gotten engaged and picked a wedding date and had about 6 months to get myself into shape.  After just one session I felt my body getting tighter, and I felt healthier.  It was a great experience, and got me to my goal for my wedding.  I have now kept up with the work out plan that was designed for me by one of the trainers at UPF and I have maintained my goal for the past year.  I think UPF is great!  They actually make working out fun, and keep you motivated, and always switch up what you are doing so it’s never boring or repetitive. 

Kristin Sloven

Greg Kalikow

Old Westbury, NY

Anthony Giallanzo is the epitome of professionalism when it comes to personal training. He has never been late to an appointment, and has always encouraged me to consistently increase my workout regimen so I can strive to be in better shape. He has a wide range of creative exercises that I can now conduct on my own so I can continue to see improvement. Keep up the good work!

Kathy Tsakonas

East Willeston

Just once and your hooked! In the twelve months since discovering Ultimate Performance Fitness kickboxing classes and one-on-one training, I have lost inches, gained strength, stamina and energy, and feel GREAT. All the staff that I have had the pleasure to work out with are so inspiring. They push you to a level that you would not believe you would be capable of attaining. They captivate, motivate and invigorate with knowledge, professionalism and sincerity so that you can truly be your best self. KUDOS!!

Nick Rossi

Smithtown, NY

Not only have I increased physically, I have also gained friends for life. Through the help of UPF, we have been able to make my body bigger, stronger and faster. I have learned the correct way in which to (continuously) exercise at an intense level and have been taught how to better myself mentally and physically. Without the help of UPF I would not be at the high level that I am at today; I am in the best shape of my life. I currently play college hockey and UPF has had a lot to do with my success. They stay on top of my game and help me every step of the way.

Maria Cafiso

Out of any workout class that I have ever taken, Anthony’s Total Body was by far the best.  He is very professional, watches everyone to make sure they are doing everything correctly, and he pushes you to do your best.  After every class I always felt like I got a great workout.  I know many of the other people that took the class and they all would agree with me.  The class was consistently full and everyone always looked forward to it.

Tracy Cleary

I have worked with Anthony Giallanzo from UPF for about four years and I highly recommend his training.  While other workout classes that I have gone to completely lack variety, Anthony makes his classes fun and unique.  I never thought I would enjoy kickboxing, for example, but I love it!  Anthony makes it fun and a great workout.  It's a great stress release and I feel a lot stronger than I did before I took classes with UPF.

Stephanie Kalikow

Old Westbury, NY

As an athlete, I have always strived for perfection and was willing to do anything to improve my game. Since working with UPF, my overall ability and stamina has improved tremendously. Not only has my endurance increased, but my strength and abilities have helped me throughout the tennis and softball season. As a result of UPF, I feel more physically fit and ready to take on any matches or games. My record on the softball field and tennis court has improved thanks to UPF.

Janka Giouroukos

Greak Neck, NY

I am 37 years old, and two years ago I made a commitment and challenged myself to become healthier, stronger, and more energized. In addition, I wanted to get into to my best shape ever. Therefore, I enlisted the help of Ultimate Performance Fitness. During this time I became leaner and I gained more definition. However, more importantly, I gained strength, and significantly improved my stamina, endurance, and flexibility. My workouts with my personal trainer are extensive, challenging and very involved. Nonetheless, they are fun and I am always looking forward to the next one. Their trainer’s are great motivators with an abundance of energy that inspires me to work harder and pushes me past my limits. They know how to be effective while keeping me safe and injury free. I appreciate UPF’s wholesome approach towards training their clients. At UPF, my fitness level is periodically assessed and my goals are readjusted accordingly. In addition, I get lot of advice regarding nutrition and tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They have helped me transform myself and accomplish my goals. Now, I feel stronger and healthier and I am in my best shape ever. Moreover, I feel like a real athlete. I highly recommend UPF trainers because of their enormous passion for what they do, their knowledge, level of expertise and genuine interest for their clients.

Lauren Shallash

City, State

The other day someone asked me what I do for fun.  I replied, “I workout”.  Looking back a couple of years ago, those words would have never come out of my mouth.  I was lucky if I could get through running one mile in my high school gym class; unlike the three I can do now….five if I push myself.  Ironically, it is fun and I feel amazing doing it.  I never thought I would have been able to accomplish the things I have accomplished, both physically and mentally.  I am the type of person that gets bored with workout routines.  UPF is never boring, never a routine, and always a challenge.  I absolutely enjoy it and would not be where I am today without it.  I have the confidence to go on the “scary-grunting free-weight section” of the gym, all by myself and put some of the other people to shame.  The last time I went skiing, my legs weren’t even sore.  Any physical challenge that comes my way is hardly a challenge anymore.  You really feel like you can do anything. 

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